Three Angle Marketing  (TAM) – a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai (UAE), offers affordable, effective and results-driven Facebook marketing services to businesses of all sizes. As the premier Dubai Facebook Marketing Agency (UAE), we use our knowledge of the social media platform to help companies grow their fan base to create more brand awareness and boost their online presence.

Types of Facebook ads

Facebook ad agency in Dubai
  1. Video Ads: Because of their sound and motion, these advertisements are quite popular with the consumer. A "video views" campaign can help you reach a large audience with your ad.
  2. Image Ads: Beautiful images are an asset to Facebook image advertising, which can be used to draw visitors to your website and landing pages. You can include multiple images in a single ad.
Facebook marketing company in Dubai
  1. Facebook's carousel ads: For restaurants and e-commerce businesses, Facebook's carousel ads allow the former to display up to ten photos and videos in a single ad, each with its own link and description.
  2. Facebook Collection Ads: Ecommerce sites can increase product sales by displaying items from their product catalogs in Facebook ads, which allow for more personalization of the ads content.
Facebook video ads
  1. Facebook lead generation ads: Lead ads on Facebook and Instagram allow you to collect information from people who express interest in your company. When a user engages with the ad, a lead is presented in the form of an image, video, or carousel, followed by a lead form
  2. Facebook post boosting: Facebook posts can be advertised to increase the number of likes, comments, shares, and photo/video views. This increases engagement, which in turn reaches more people.

Maximize Your Potential With Facebook Marketing

With such a large user base and the variety of methods for promoting and advertising on Facebook, growing your fan base can be a challenge. Instead of leaving you to test and discover new promotional techniques on your own, we've analyzed what best practices have been proven to work time and time again by companies in your industry.

Adding Facebook to your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing businesses online, Facebook is one of the best ways to do it. It is a powerful, dynamic website that offers a multitude of resources and opportunities to brands looking to expand their customer base.Big and small businesses should have their own Facebook business pages just like their websites. Facebook is an extension of your website. It needs to be taken care of just as much if you want it to work for you.

How to use Facebook for your purpose?

Facebook is a great place to be creative and promote your business. The tricky part is knowing how to make it work for you, we want to help you do that with Facebook for Business or a Facebook Marketing Agency.

You can use it for the following purposes:

  • App installs
  • Brand awareness
  • Conversions
  • Share 
  • Leads
  • Video views
  • Product catalog sales
  • Store views and much more