Three Angle Marketing is a snapchat marketing agency. We dominate the snapchat advertising space and make our clients money. We specialize in creating snapchat geo filters, snapchat ad campaigns, and any other way to advertise on snapchat. Whether you’re just getting started with Snapchat advertising or looking to grow your existing community, we’ll turbocharge your brand and make sure the audience reaches your message.

Snapchat Marketing for your business

Strategic marketing efforts, coupled with creative engagement, can significantly improve brand recall and increase the recognition of your business. Your Snapchat marketing strategy can be a powerful and successful means to contact your target demographic if it is properly conceived and implemented.

Benefits of Using Snapchat for Digital Marketing;

  • Geo-filters can help you increase engagement.
  • Increase your social media presence.
  • Reach out to a large audience.
  • Increase your brand's visibility.
  • The snap pixel can be used to track customer activity.
  • Excellent platform for engagement.
  • Influencer marketing's most potent tool.
  • This is a fantastic approach to reach out to mobile users.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? 

You need a company that knows what they are doing and one that will help you reach your goals. Our team at Three Angle Management can help. We have helped brands from all over the world increase their market share and sales by building unique campaigns on Snapchat and giving them the return on investment they were looking for.

We are a social media marketing agency that is passionate about the art of story-telling. We know the power of connecting with the growing community of Snap chatters and are at forefront of exploiting this potential for both businesses and public figures in Dubai and UAE. This is an all-new way of reaching, engaging, and communicating with your target market in a fun, informal, shareable, and impermanent dynamic that forces you to be more creative in how you interact with your audience.


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  1. Snap ads Snap Ads are a full-screen video ads and is the most significant advertising product of Snapchat. It can be played in between the story by a user along with the background audio and last for ten seconds. A swipe up CTA button is also included and users get redirected to websites, third party apps, landing pages of your website. The message pop-up along with these fantastic features boosts app branding.
  2. Story ads Snapchat's Story Ads is a collection of ten-second videos for each product in an ad campaign that users can watch in succession. These ads show up at the top of the user's screen along with other user stories every time they click on their own story. The ads include a call-to-action link that can be incorporated into each video as part of the creative process.
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  1. Filters We develop Snapchat filters that help your brand engage with the audience. Whether you are looking to promote a product, a new idea, or just get people talking about your business or organization, a Snapchat filter is the best way to do it.
  2. Commercials Increase brand awareness with Commercials. Show your audience a 6-second video to raise awareness and create hype around your product or service before a larger campaign launch.
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  1. Collection ads Snapchat collection ads are used to display a series of products in a sequential order. These collection ads can include up to 12 images which can be rotated using the swipe up feature. Three Angle Marketing uses these collection ads to primarily drive online customers to your mobile e-commerce site, website landing page or your e-commerce website
  2. AR lenses Our Snapchat Marketing services include the use of AR lenses (AR) or augmented reality to create an interactive moment for your brand. There are two types of lenses: Face Lenses and World Lenses. Face Lenses are designed to transform users into your brand’s characters with technology that recognizes eyes, mouths, and heads. World Lenses detect your location to map what surrounds you.

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Types of Snapchat Ads Three Angle Marketing Can Run For You

Snap ads are ten-second full-screen vertical videos with a background sound. A 'swipe up' CTA button is also added. Users can be directed to a variety of destinations, including websites, apps, landing pages, and more. This will undoubtedly improve your app's identity.

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We create customized Snap filters for your brand, including a custom face filter, and upload them to the app. When building it, we evaluate your audience's likes and dislikes, as well as why they would utilize these filters. We take care of all the labor that goes into developing excellent content that attracts and retains your clients.

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Unlike a standard Instagram or Facebook ad, Story Ads offer a unique content experience. Advertisers can use these ads to place a branded title in the "explore" area of the app. When customers tap the tile, a collection of adverts shows, ranging in size from three to twenty. Based on the assets you give, Snap produces the design for this type of ad.

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Three Angle Marketing uses Snapchat collecting ads to distribute multiple product advertisements on your e-commerce website. These collection ads can also be used to direct traffic to a landing page on a website or a mobile e-commerce site. Simply include photographs or a link to your page/e-commerce site/landing page in your message.

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Three Angle Marketing is a well-known Snapchat Marketing solution provider that will help your company create engaging experiences with augmented reality (AR). Snapchat has two types of lenses: the Face Lens and the World Lens. Face Lenses use cutting-edge technology to recognize a user's eyes, lips, and head, allowing them to transform into the characters we develop for your business, while a World Lens detects your position and displays a full-HD map of the area around you.

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