Three Angle Marketing is a full-service TikTok agency specializing in TikTok account management, TikTok influencer marketing, and more. TAM Dubai offer services for brands and agencies to reach their target audience on TikTok. Three Angle Marketing's mission is to help clients expand their business and increase revenue using TikTok advertising & influencers through its social media services.

The Best Way to Get Your Message Across

Tiktok marketing is the best way to reach people in a fun way, where they actually hang out. TikTok has been designed so that the user doesn't have to go anywhere else. This means that you won't have to invest in multiple campaigns and try to manage them all at the same time. It's a one-stop shop for everything you need. 

The best way to benefit from TikTok is to use its interactive features which include Likes, Comments and other activities. Monetizing with TIKTOK is the fastest and easiest way to get TikTok engaged users, who are highly engaging and responsive on the app.

TikTok Marketing Agency can help grow your business by increasing exposure and visibility through Social Media Engagement. 

We are the place to go for TikTok marketing

 Three Angle Management in Dubai, UAE is a full-service advertising agency with expertise in branding, design, and interaction. We provide true 360° solutions that take the end-to-end experience from start to finish. At TikTok, authenticity is our core offering. We create genuine stories and smart ideas that resonate with audiences and inspire action.

What are the different types of TikTok ads?

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all video strategy on TikTok. The 100 million active monthly users around the globe are as diverse in their interests and habits as they are plentiful, so creating your ideal audience profile and marketing plan involves using a mix of TikTok ad formats and types.

There are primarily 5 types of Tiktok ads:

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  1. In-feed Ads
  2. top-view ads
  3. brand takeover ads
  4. branded hashtag challenge 
  5. branded effects ads

Our process

We create custom TikTok ads for businesses, giving them a unique way to get their message across.

Our first step is to create your business ads account. This will be used to advertise your branded content on the popular TikTok platform. Next, we'll dive deep into the platform and keyword research. Ad rate and competition are important, but you still need high-performing keywords to create successful ad campaigns.

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After creating your ads, we'll run a campaign, analyzing the results with Google Ads Reports. With this information and other available reporting tools, our team of specialists will help you fine-tune your audience targeting efforts and achieve better ROI. Then, based on all discovered trends in the market we'll create a customized plan and strategy that will increase conversions over time under specific marketing conditions

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And while monitoring your ad spend and goals sounds easy on the surface, it's actually easier said than done. Anyone who's advertised with TikTok will know that at times, managing your spending can be hard work. 

You need to be able to monitor a few key metrics. One of these metrics will be your ad spend and another one could be the actual conversions you're driving.

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What makes TikTok advertise agency an effective business is its ability to think about new technology and data. Advertising on this app completely depends on customization, social media marketing, and top-quality videos. Therefore, an advertisement agency like Three Angle Marketing will be considered as the most valuable and highly professional firm in UAE.

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It is evident that optimizing ads takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. But if an ad campaign is not optimized it may fail miserably even with large investments involved. If you are willing to cut down your advertising budget and not waste it then the most important key lies in how you perform ad optimization when compared with your competitors. Our experts ensure all your ads and strategies are optimized so as to get the maximum output from them.

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