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Search Engine Optimization

93% of all traffic on the internet comes from Google, therefore if you aren’t ranking, your company is already behind. Customers are already searching online for similar solutions regardless of the company’s goods and services. Investing in search engine optimization (SEO) might be the solution if you want to stand out from the crowd and drive traffic to your website. At TAM, search engine optimization is only one of the marketing strategies we employ to boost your online visibility and raise your revenue. We make sure that our solutions can stay up to the ongoing change that search engines undergo.

Why is Search Engine Optimization important for the success of your online presence?


Although it was just recently established, Google now takes customer satisfaction into account when determining search engine rankings. Your website will perform better if you concentrate on client demands. Conversions are also considerably increased by a good customer experience. Technical SEO elements (backlinks, page speed, site navigation, etc.) also help to improve the health of websites and streamline users’ web experiences.


Simply, appearing on the top page of Google indirectly raises your brand exposure. Potential buyers will link your brand with particular search phrases and solutions even if they don’t click through to your website. In addition to boosting brand visibility, SEO may help enhance brand trust. People believe you are one of the top players in your sector if you have a high Google ranking.


SEO indicators are simple to monitor. While not as simple as sponsored advertisements, metrics like page visits, ad clicks, and order completions are simple to understand and may help you gauge the effectiveness of your efforts. TAM uses resources like Google Search Console to find out how customers are finding your company, what subjects and keywords you’re ranking for, and where your campaign needs work.


While it could take a few months for your website to reach its ideal position, SEO offers sustained benefits over time. Because Google’s algorithm is always changing, we keep an eye on your ranking and adjust as necessary. Additionally, we follow SEO trends and adjust your pages as needed. SEO has a track record of producing the most qualified leads in the shortest amount of time when compared to other marketing techniques. Additionally, compared to outbound strategies, SEO ensures a substantially greater closer rate.